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About Bright Sol Energy

Going solar drastically reduces or may even eliminate your electric bill. This is why it is important to take advantage now to help avoid future rising energy costs. Adding solar to your home increases your property value and nets you a great return on investment! Let us help you save today!

Why Work With Us

One of the most difficult decisions when considering solar is which company to trust. If you’ve already considered solar and put in some research, you know that there are thousands of solar companies to choose from. Price shopping takes time and effort, and you never know whether you’re getting the best deal possible.

Although price is important and should be a significant factor in determining who to go solar with, Bright Sol Energy believes that the partnership that the homeowner and solar company make is just as important. We prioritize our customers and make sure that they have a pain-free solar experience.

So, before you go looking for every price available on the market, be sure to get a free savings estimate with Bright Sol Energy, become a part of our lifelong team, and start saving thousands on your solar journey.

Solar Panel Installation

Our installation team provides quality work with years of experience. Our work is backed by our 25-year warranty from day one in the unlikely event your roof suffers damage.

Solar System Design

Our design team is knowledgeable with decades of experience with Photovoltaic solar system projects, providing each homeowner with a customized, efficient solar system.


We deliver durable, high quality, and reliable roofing systems at competitive prices. We apply our knowledge and skills in your project for commercial and residential roofing projects.

Why Work With Us

Solar is meant for people who are looking to reduce their energy bill, increase the value of their home, gain additional tax credits, and use eco-friendly energy to power their daily lives. If this sounds like you, reach out to us today and schedule a consultation! 

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